Sausage & Comminuted Meats

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[postgallery_image width=”300″ id=”1″ height=”200″ undefined slidesetid=”meat 1″ align=”alignright” animation=”fade” tween=”linear” navigation=”disabled” timeout=”4″ /]The comminuted meat category comprises emulsified, minced, formed meat-based products which may be smoked or cooked.

Sausages are a traditional comminuted meat product, including both fresh (i.e. breakfast style) sausages and pre-cooked ones (i.e. frankfurters), which are sold either chilled or frozen.

quantum provides support for the production of:

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  • Sausages
    • Breakfast style
    • Frankfurter
    • Dried or semi-dry sausages
    • Fermented-type sausages
  • Polony
  • Salami
  • Mortadella


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